Dare to move out of your comfort zone!

Explore your potential and question the habits that are keeping you from the life you’re seeking.
Designed to help you maximize your time -and your results- the Attitude Orange Planner provides you with a simple and effective method to:
Every day, you can count on your planner to remind you of your priorities and help you create the results you want in each area of your life.

Create a life you love

Becoming Magnetic

Choose a life you love. Update your consciousness. Become unstoppable.

When it comes to creating a life we love, there’s a major issue in the realm of personal development: we spend far more time talking about “problems” and “past wounds” than we do “choosing” and “creating” a life that excites and fulfills us.

Under these circumstances, it becomes quite challenging to attain what we desire. By constantly focusing on what’s wrong and what’s lacking, we perpetually feel inadequate and unconsciously push away the very things we want: Confidence, Success, Love, etc.

In this program, I’ll show you how to tap into the power of science and ancient wisdom to connect to the superconscious part of yourself and release everything and anything that is holding you back.

You can choose your best life today!

Here are the 5 steps:

1. Choose a True Goal

Learn how to align your target with your end result and move forward with complete clarity.

2. Create Structural Tension

Learn how to pull yourself towards what you desire without internal struggle and with minimal effort.

3. Emotion of End Result

Learn how to create new emotional set points based on the person you want to be rather than the person you need to fix.

4. Unplug and Recode

Replace old habits, beliefs and feelings with new ones and step into your new reality with a deep understanding of your limits.

5. Take Aligned Action

Align your actions with your true goal to create unparalleled momentum and remove the fear of “getting it wrong”.

This 12-week journey offers you:

The concepts, guidance, and techniques that will forever transform the way you see life and manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

The journey includes 12 training modules:


Becoming Superconscious – The Essential Pillars


Transitioning into the Creative Structure


Transitioning into the Creative Structure


The 4 True Choices


The Power of Anchors (Advanced Techniques)


Shifting from the Egoic Agenda to a Life of Meaning


Embodying Before Manifesting


Focus and Concentration Rituals


Realign your relationship with Money


Boost your Confidence and Self-Esteem


Transform Resistance into Powerful Levers


Family Memories and Entanglements


12 Coaching

1 group coaching every Wednesday at 11 AM ET, from Sept. 13th to Nov. 29th. **replays available**

12 Q&A

12 group Q&A sessions. Every Friday from 11 to 11:30 AM ET. From Sept. 15th to Dec. 1st. **replays available**


The PrioriT Method (includes a Daily Alignment Journal)


Active meditations to keep your focus and energy aligned


Lifetime access to replays of the 5-day challenge

Exclusive bonus

Sacred Money Archetypes 2h Workshop

Your relationship with money isn’t random. It springs from 8 distinct Sacred Money Archetypes® – each revealing with uncanny accuracy its own unique money strengths, gifts, behaviors and shadow side. 

Get an in-depth understanding of your personal archetypes so money patterns, deeply held beliefs and motivations will never feel like a mystery again!

($497 value) 


I feel like crying… I finally have found THE TEACHER I’ve been looking for so many years. Wow! I’m speechless!

Mélanie Durand

During the process it felt like I was leaving behind unnecessary baggage. It was like something melted. Thank you so much for this indescribable feeling.

Sonia Bélanger

You’ve confirmed that I have to set myself in a creative mode so I can stop thinking I’m a problem to solve.

Marité Godin

It was sooo enlightening that I cried… I feel so light now. Thank you!!!

Nadine Jean-François

I was compelled to let go of so much resistance. What a powerful exercise!

Steeve Landry

I felt lots of emotions and then a soothing calm and feeling of peace.

Manon Fréchette

I never knew there was two structures…What a discovery this morning!
Johanne Pitre

Meet Sujata Vadlamudy

As the founder of Attitude Orange, Sujata has a singular goal: to help you reconnect with your authentic self so you can shape a life that’s in harmony with your unique talents and aspirations.

Her superpower? Enabling people to overcome imposter syndrome and break free from the daily grind. Her guidance will help you master the use of creative tension, a driving force that accelerates your progress and delivers results that exceed expectations—time and time again. Embark on this transformative journey with Sujata and watch the doors fly open to endless possibilities!

Let’s create the life you desire and deserve!

  • Yearly planner : January 1st to December 31st
  • One week on two pages
  • Appointments schedule from 7am to 10pm in 30 minutes intervals
  • 176 pages with detachable corners
  • 17 blank pages for notes
  • Printed on 120 GSM paper
  • Thick enough to use colored pen
  • Laminated soft cover with black spiral

12 topics

Becoming Magnetic




Hi! I’m here to remind you that the only thing missing in your life is you! I created Attitude Orange so I could offer you a proactive approach to life. A way to live with your eyes, mind and heart wide open— where you’re not on automatic pilot and you’re definitely not feeling unable to bring about change. In this high-octane world where fear and uncertainty take up so much space, and where expectations just keep growing, I believe this: The happiest people, and those who will make the most positive contributions to society, will be the people who take the time to really think about what they want to be, do and have in life. And who dare to do what it takes to make it happen.​ I call it “going orange.”
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