Founder of Attitude Orange, Sujata has only one mission in life.
Propel you into a life that lives up to your talents and your aspirations.

Through her coaching programs, she guides you step by step and makes you discover the foundations of an intentional life, filled with meaning and achievement. Using the Attitude Orange planner, a tool that was created to allow you to apply these same foundations in your daily life, allows you to stay on course and helps you organize your time according to your priorities.


I’m here to remind you that the only thing missing in your life is you!

I created Attitude Orange so I could offer you a proactive approach to life. A way to live with your eyes, mind and heart wide open— where you’re not on automatic pilot and you’re definitely not feeling unable to bring about change.

In this high-octane world where fear and uncertainty take up so much space, and where expectations just keep growing, I believe this: The happiest people, and those who will make the most positive contributions to society, will be the people who take the time to really think about what they want to be, do and have in life. And who dare to do what it takes to make it happen.​

I call it “going orange.”

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Her path...

Ever since she was little, Sujata has felt it natural for her to light up the lives of the people she meets. Not knowing exactly what to do with this gift, she turned to studies in administration and obtained a BAC in marketing. Right out of college, she got a job as director of advertising in a large company, where she pursued her career, collecting awards and constantly pushing the boundaries in her field.

In 2005, after her second child, she is forced to slow down, victim of overwork.

She says: “Seen from the outside, everything seemed to be going well. Beautiful career, beautiful children, perfect spouse… or almost ;-)! But the truth is, I wanted more… I was missing something. ”

As with many people, his desire to have a more meaningful impact l ‘ had caught up. At that time, Sujata already knew that a career change was necessary, but it’s not so easy to leave a career in which you have invested a lot, not to mention the concrete security that only large companies can still. promise.

It is only after exhausting herself swimming against the tide that she realizes: choose safety, being sure to be unhappy, or choose to follow her intuition in hope. to find its place one day.

“By granting myself the right to follow my inner little voice and trust life, I feel like I can now give permission others to do the same. Today, I am thriving. My partner supports me in my projects, our children are happy and my business inspires and guides thousands of passionate people around the world to success. ”

Adept at common sense and simplicity, Sujata has that little je ne sais quoi that activates passions and invites people to listen to and surpass themselves.

There are a million ways to be successful in life.
My mission is to support you in the success of your life.

Why Orange?

Vitality, creativity and communication
Each color has an energy. Orange is that of vitality, creativity and communication. Product of the mix between red and yellow – symbols of passion and wealth – I would say orange is the perfect color to tint my attitude, don’t you?

Extra vigilance
Orange is used to attract attention. One day, as I walked through a construction zone, I saw huge orange signs, which read: “Construction zone. We are redoubling our vigilance! ”

Your life is a construction zone! Be very careful with what you do with your time.